Labour Ban

One of the things which are difficult to understand for Europeans like me, is the Labour Ban.

What is it? If somebody works for a company and looses his job, no matter if he quits, gets laid off or the company closes, will automatically be banned from any further employment within the UAE for 6 month by the Ministry of Labour.

Result: anyone loosing his job has to leave the UAE, because the visa stays only active after the cancellation of the job for a maximum of one month.

There are three possibilities to get rid of the ban:

1. you are going to work for a government company (eg Emirates Airlines)

2. your new employer bails you out (around 5,000.– AED)

3. your new employer offers you a job which requires a higher education

4. no ban will be imposed if you had a limited contract and finished it

If your previous employer wants to harm you, he can ask for a 12 month ban…

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