Profession and Education

The Depending on the type of company only certain professions can be employed. This would make sense: for example a bicycle mechanic can not be employed in a bicycle shop, because it’s a shop and not a repair shop.

Which professions can be employed is written down in a book. The problem is, that this dubious book (which can not be bought or acquired anywhere) lacks of many professions and restricts the possibilities of entrepreneurs.

How does it affect daily life? Let’s say the employer, a law firm, wants to hire a software developer, because he wants a custom written software for his client database. He applies for an E-Quota (see separate article). After a week the application is rejected by the Ministry of Labour, because either a law firm cannot employ a software developer or the profession “software developer” is not existing in the book.

The result is, that a high percentage of people are working as office clerks, follow up clerks, archive clerks, which is not at all their profession. BUT: to employ any of these clerks you don’t need to submit a prove of any education and almost every company can employ them.

Side effect if you are not aware of this problem: one precious week of your tourist or visit visa is lost.

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