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“Escape from Dubai”

A must read before you think of moving to Dubai: Please visit this interesting and eye-opening blog:   Advertisements

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Cheques and Loans

When one of your cheques(*) bounces or you are late with the installments of a loan or a credit card a warrant of arrest will be issued by the court. This means, the police comes to your office or your … Continue reading

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Profession and Education

The Depending on the type of company only certain professions can be employed. This would make sense: for example a bicycle mechanic can not be employed in a bicycle shop, because it’s a shop and not a repair shop. Which professions can … Continue reading

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Labour Ban

One of the things which are difficult to understand for Europeans like me, is the Labour Ban. What is it? If somebody works for a company and looses his job, no matter if he quits, gets laid off or the … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Blog

Hello out there, I have been living in Dubai since 2006. During my years here I experienced a lot. A lot which is different from the impression this city and country gives or wants to give. I decided to share these experiences with … Continue reading

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