“Escape from Dubai”

A must read before you think of moving to Dubai: http://escapefromdubai.com/

Please visit this interesting and eye-opening blog: http://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/raped-and-abandoned-in-dubai-the-alicia-gali-story/


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Cheques and Loans

When one of your cheques(*) bounces or you are late with the installments of a loan or a credit card a warrant of arrest will be issued by the court.

This means, the police comes to your office or your home or finds the warrant whenever they put your details in a computer (airport!), and arrests you. The maximum time they can keep you in jail is 30 days at once. If you still don’t pay, again 30 days, and so forth.


(*) cheques are the main instrument of payment, because a bank transfer from one UAE bank to another UAE bank costs between 50.– and 100.– AED!

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Profession and Education

The Depending on the type of company only certain professions can be employed. This would make sense: for example a bicycle mechanic can not be employed in a bicycle shop, because it’s a shop and not a repair shop.

Which professions can be employed is written down in a book. The problem is, that this dubious book (which can not be bought or acquired anywhere) lacks of many professions and restricts the possibilities of entrepreneurs.

How does it affect daily life? Let’s say the employer, a law firm, wants to hire a software developer, because he wants a custom written software for his client database. He applies for an E-Quota (see separate article). After a week the application is rejected by the Ministry of Labour, because either a law firm cannot employ a software developer or the profession “software developer” is not existing in the book.

The result is, that a high percentage of people are working as office clerks, follow up clerks, archive clerks, which is not at all their profession. BUT: to employ any of these clerks you don’t need to submit a prove of any education and almost every company can employ them.

Side effect if you are not aware of this problem: one precious week of your tourist or visit visa is lost.

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Labour Ban

One of the things which are difficult to understand for Europeans like me, is the Labour Ban.

What is it? If somebody works for a company and looses his job, no matter if he quits, gets laid off or the company closes, will automatically be banned from any further employment within the UAE for 6 month by the Ministry of Labour.

Result: anyone loosing his job has to leave the UAE, because the visa stays only active after the cancellation of the job for a maximum of one month.

There are three possibilities to get rid of the ban:

1. you are going to work for a government company (eg Emirates Airlines)

2. your new employer bails you out (around 5,000.– AED)

3. your new employer offers you a job which requires a higher education

4. no ban will be imposed if you had a limited contract and finished it

If your previous employer wants to harm you, he can ask for a 12 month ban…

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Welcome to my Blog

Hello out there,

I have been living in Dubai since 2006. During my years here I experienced a lot. A lot which is different from the impression this city and country gives or wants to give. I decided to share these experiences with you, no matter if you are thinking of moving here, if you are already here or if you are just curious what the “real” Dubai is like.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me here or via email: dubai_unveiled@gmx.com

Don’t expect this to be a “Guide to Dubai”. I will just write about things that I think are good, annoying or even dangerous in the order they either happen to me or come to my mind.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

By the way: English is not my mother tongue, so please forbear with  me…

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